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Hi, I'm Bronson!

Born in the tranquil Oberwiesenthal, I grew up in Brandenburg/Havel, after reunification. After completing school, I decided to go to Hamburg and completed an apprenticeship as a hotel specialist. Even if the "most beautiful city in the world" excited me immediately, something still pushed me to go out into the world.


Probably it was the countless ships, which came day by day to Hamburg, just to leave for the far unknown, short after. There was always a part of my thoughts with them.

So it was inevitable that one day I would be hired on a ship, and from then on I would cross the world. Not only was I able to earn money from traveling, I also had saved enough time and money between the contracts to explore privately many more spots in the world.


When I enjoyed a little longer time out in Australia, I went to the Australian Stunt Academy and fulfilled another dream, besides traveling.


From then on I spent the winter on cruise ships in distant countries and stood in the summer as a pirate on a large open air stage in northern Germany.


In the year 2016, I decided for private reasons to complete this chapter in the book of my life and to start a new one.


From then on, I lived and worked in Bonn.........


Five eventful and instructive years in Germany followed, and I enjoyed most of it.

However, one of the profound lessons was; that I'm a stray and that I haven't found my place to settle down and be happy (at least for now). Since the longing for faraway places, the different people and cultures, but above all the wonders of this earth, never left me, I packed my things again in December 2021 and am now roaming the world again.

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