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New Year, New Pictures!


An old friend took my hand and swam with me far behind the horizon. Even if the years have left their marks on her, she bears the name "bella" with pride and dignity.

New imaginative pictures were taken, have fun letting your mind flow!

Perception Colour                             Perception B&W


Focus                                                       Vulpes Vulpes

Sep 30, 2020

New Photos

Two new photos has been added to the galleries Focus and Perception Animals. Enjoy! ;-)

Jul 26, 2020

In Disguise

...a fox has got to do what foxes usually do...

How it ends? Well, that's up to  your imagination! ;-)

Jul 16, 2020

The Moment

The Moment ...when two cells unite, only to mash up their codes and to copy it while splitting into billions of new cells. Creating a living habitat for countless other lifeforms...what we just simply consider as one person/animal.

Enjoy the moment, at the "Vulpes Vulpes"-gallery! 

Jul 10, 2020

Impazzire Volpi

Impazzire Volpi - I closed my eyes and you made me see. A special picture for a special person...

Jun 28, 2020

Watercolour Foxes

Two new foxes are available to boost your fantasy. "Home" and "Fox In A Box" can be seen in the "Vulpes Vulpes" gallery.

Jun 09, 2020

Rise Of Womankind

Oppression has many faces.

What is the justification for the fact that women often have to fight harder to get in an equal job position as men, just to be paid less anyway? In some countries, rape victims aren‘t allowed to abort if they become pregnant. Fortunately, it’s very rare, but in some areas women can even be punished, as rape is considered as extramartial sex.

Women have been fighting for equality since ages but there is still a long way to go.

May 30, 2020

New Pictures

On a nice walk through the forrest I shot two new photos. You'll find them in the "Perception Colour" gallery.

May 23, 2020

Die Steinschlange (The Stone Snake)

"Die Steinschlange" is a collection of beautiful decorated stones, located in Bonn downtown. I discovered it on one of my tours....and felt that there's a fox missing. Here's the video.

Apr 29, 2020

#togetherweareone - Week 4

With patience, zeal and a bit of luck, we will achieve what we long for.

On this way, if we pay attention to each other, become the basis which we would like to have grown from, are the companions that we would have liked, the world has no other choice but to become a better one. ...Sow Love! <Instagram

The complete stroy is also now available in the "Vulpes Vulpes" gallery.

Mar 31, 2020


As part of the Artbox.Talents project "#Togetherweareone" I decided to send a small message to the world. However, I would like to say "thank you much" more.

"Thank you" for the time and love my grandparents have put in to raise such a great family. They have survived two radical regime upheavals and the privations after the war, have gone through economic crises and are now experiencing a pandemic in old age. Even if all family reunions are put on hold, they can rest assured that we are connected with them in our hearts and minds. All of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren carry the seeds they have planted within them, out into the world and help make things a little better on this planet. Everyone in their environment and everyone in their own way but sometimes quite creative ...


Thank you for letting us grow up like this!


Every week I will put another part of the picture online. In the end, it will ideally be a small part of a 6x2 meter artwork in which many artists from all over the world are currently participating.

Mar 08, 2020

Hamburg 2.0

Fortunately, I had some time to stroll through the streets again during the visit to the vernissage in Hamburg. The mind twirling result can be found under Perception "Black & White" and "Colour".


Have fun!

Mar 05, 2020

Blurred Visions Focused Views

Opening of the group exhibition "Blurred Visions Focused Views" at Azaro Art Spaces in Hamburg. Until March 28th you can now become wonderfully inspired and let your mind flow by the great works of 12 different artists.

More information can be found in the newly opened section "In Public".

Jan 30, 2020

Replacing The Pesticides That The Fascist Bernd H. Has Spread

In my new artwork “Replacing The Pesticides That The Fascist Bernd H. Has Spread”, the fox plays its inspiring role passively out of the background.

With the infinite power of a tiny thought, planted by the hand of an enlightened one ... the right antidote to rinse the poison out of the minds that dubious people spread out into peoples heads these days.

Jan 05, 2020

Zorro De La Vida

Zorro De La Vida

A Reflection Of Life


Every living being consists exactly of what surrounds it, physically and spiritually. Starting at the atomic level, the atoms that make up our cells have existed since the beginning of time and were all sorts of other crazy stuff before they became us.

There is a permanent exchange between body and environment, parts of the environment pass into a living being or parts of the living being are released to its environment. The air we breathe has been inhaled by others countless times, the water we drink has been drunk and excreted x times ... since there have been living beings. ;-)

 And so that we can still do it today, everything has been reprocessed, used, prepared, consumed again and again in an extremely complex but effective circulatory system based on the living beings connected by this interaction...


From a psychological point of view, we are shaped by our environment from birth to death. Every experience we have, people around us, books we read, many small factors lead to a certain world view. A very personal reflection of your own life and an individual perception of the environment. These many small splashes of color, which form our overall point of view, are continually supplemented in the course of life and can change the character of the artwork called “life” over time. Everything is framed by a deep black of all those things that we will never see, experience, know ... or don’t want to.


Seen from the outside, life is a collection of various events. It can always be viewed from different angles and can sometimes be interpreted completely differently. Even if it appears bright and colorful in all its different facets, it is still peppered with small dark spots. On the other hand, even in the darkest depths of a life, some aspects will always shine brightly.


As humans, we have the advantage that we are aware of our own life. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine with which colors you draw the artwork of your own life and how much space you leave to the black frame.

Dec 01, 2019

Laser-eyed Cat Activates The Magic Of The Mushrooms

Another fox has made it out of my mind into reality.

On a journey I was inspired to this variant of the classical dadaism. As a loose building instruction, I offer the viewer the opportunity to create their own artwork.

Let yourself fall and play with your imagination!

Nov 01, 2019


You once took me in and let me grow up in your streets. We celebrated, we suffered, we learned and we grew. But most of all, we always stood against every storm with a big grin on our face.

It's always a pleasure to come home to you and stray through your streets as part of your pulse.


There are many new pictures in the galleries Black & White, Colour and Focus.


Have fun with the time-out!

Oct 03, 2019


If you're in Miami from the 2nd to the 8th of December, check out the ART.BOX PROJECT Miami 2.0! Enjoy a wide selection of great artworks by various artists from around the world at the Kunstquartier Wynwood in Miami. And if one of my artworks drives your mind into fantasy, do not forget to vote for it! ;-)

Sep 02, 2019

Some say he was a god...

 ... He died way too early. But already in the short time he had on this planet, he touched people's souls with his poetry, packed in sounds that did not exist before. He and the Jimi Hendrix Experience haven't invented neither the music nor the guitar play, but they've raised it to an unprecedented level. They shaped new styles of music, inspired countless other artists and prepared the basis of the modern music world. My tribute to Jimi Hendrix: The Hendrix Experience Fox

Aug 25, 2019

Food for Fantasy

Bronson is back and brings new food for your fantasy. You'll find the mind candy in Focus, Perception Animals and Colour.

¡Bon Apetito!

Aug 02, 2019

I'm back

After a longer break, I am very happy that I can now take care of the inspiration of your fantasy world again!

In the meantime, I translated "The Concept of Perception" into English.


Do not worry, new pictures will follow soon!

Oct 08, 2018

Magic Little Mushroom

Had an encounter with a magic little mushroom that grows in a blossom.

Aug 15, 2018

Brand New Pictures In All Galleries

On my journey through almost all of Croatia many beautiful, abstract and mainly psychedelic pictures have been created. They are represented in all galleries, the series "Fishes in the Tree" in Perception Animals and "Pink Blossoms" in Perception Colour are among my absolute favorites.


I wish you a lot of fun and look forward to any feedback!

Apr 17, 2018

New Photos

New photos have been added to the galleries Focus and Perception Colour.

Apr 17, 2018

Vulpes Vulpes *Update*

New Foxes are to be seen in the Vulpes Vulpes gallery, check it out!

Nov 13, 2017

Mushroom Eye & Mystic Well

Both pictures are presented in the 'Perception - Colour' gallery.

Oct 10, 2017

U.S. Coast Guard 'Sc1' & 'Sc2'

Finally I have get a permission to release two of my favourite pictures. You can find them in the gallery 'Perception Black & White

Aug 16, 2017

Vulpes Vulpes

The first fox is ready and can be seen in the gallery Vulpes Vulpes. The "Premiere Fox" is my first self-created painting, the second fox is in process. In my current technique, acrylic paints are sprayed, using different brushes, onto the canvas, which gives the paiting a unique surface.

Aug 09, 2017

Gallery Launch

Finally, let the show begin...

For the first time, I present to the public the photos of my travels. They are pictures, which should send you as a viewer on a very personal journey. Not necessarily to the same places I have visited, but to the places where the images guide you in your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the infinite diversity in your heads, through the portals in Bronson's Art Gallery!

Write to me, if you like it, write me, if you want to give feedback or write me, if you have any questions. But above all: write me if you want to buy one or more of the photos as a print out.

And now read enough, off to the gallery! ;-)

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